Scenes from a Marriage

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ROLLER COASTER / Scenes from a Marriage is a cinematic exploration of the complexities and challenges that arise in long-term relationships. It began during the height of the pandemic when I was overwhelmed with a perhaps irrational fear of losing my husband Don to the virus. Photography was a way to express my emotions. 

At first, Don was hesitant to participate, but grad-ually I enticed him. I paid close attention to our environment, our day-to-day activities and how we interacted. My observations revealed a variety of scenarios ranging from comical to concerning. 

Through storyboards, staging, lighting, and ward-robe, I began to plan each photograph, drawing on my background in theater. The process of creating these pictures was emotionally and physically com-plex, but it brought us closer together as a couple. We laughed, cried, fought, and loved through the experience. 

Overall, our project has been an extraordinary ride that has allowed us to grow as individuals and as a couple. What started as a single experiment soon evolved into a much larger project that aimed to capture the ordinary and extraordinary moments of our four-decade-long marriage.

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